Navarra Film Industry (NFI) is the brand behind the audiovisual industry in Navarra. It gathers both public and private agents from the sector, brought together by a common purpose: to provide service and to promote and grow opportunities and projects in the audiovisual field.

This common space brings together the promotion and visibility needs from projects being developed in Navarra, as well as the services for professionals and companies that make up the region’s ecosystem.

In this context, Navarra Film Industry is presented as the common brand of a united sector, with the ability to show its full potential inside and outside our region; to facilitate the attraction of new projects, new companies and professionals, so that they find in our territory a structured, innovative and dynamic ecosystem where they can grow.

Lastly, Navarra Film Industry aims to assist the Audiovisual Industry in Navarra to reach its full potential, which is one of the goals set for this sector in the Government of Navarra’s S4 Agenda for regional economic transformation.

The agents behind Navarra Film Industry are:

Government of Navarra

The Audiovisual and Digital Projects Area, dependant on the Government of Navarra’s Directorate-General for Culture, aims to develop lines of work, strategies and programmes in the field of audiovisual and digital creation. Working in collaboration with Services from the Directorate-General for Culture and with various organisations from the Chartered Community of Navarra’s governmental Administration, its work enables to establish it as a creative territory, a generator of knowledge and a producer of content.

Government of Navarra

NICDO/Navarra Film Commission

Navarra Film Commission is the film office created by the Government of Navarra in 2009 to facilitate the work of companies and professionals from the audiovisual sector who wish to film in Navarra. As part of the Government of Navarra’s government-owned company NICDO, it is responsible for providing information and promoting agreements and actions aimed at consolidating and facilitating film shoots. It also serves as a link between the Government of Navarra, public administrations and individuals and the audiovisual industry.

Navarra Film Commission


The Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra is a non-profit association, founded in January 2017, which seeks to provide a professional and ambitious answer to the audiovisual industry’s needs within the framework of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarra. CLAVNA also aims to be a channel for projects, funders, investments and training proposals that have a direct impact on the sector and that include Navarra in the international audiovisual scene.



Napar is the association of companies and professionals in Navarra’s audiovisual sector. Members range from experienced audiovisual pioneers in Navarra to young start-ups full of energy and dynamism. Its aim is to contribute to the growth of the audiovisual sector, supporting new projects and rooting this activity deep in the industrial and creative fabric of the region.