• LOGLINE What if everything goes under?
    • FORMATO Feature Film
    • GENRE Documentary film
    • SYNOPSIS Lookhi, 45, lives in Mongla, a small village in southern Bangladesh, with her husband and two daughters. The last flood destroyed everything they had and they decide to flee to Dhaka, the big city, in search of new opportunities. Life there will not be easy because of the precarious jobs and pollution. In 2050, Bangladesh will have approximately 220 million inhabitants and a large part of its territory will be submerged under water as a result of climate change, which could lead to the forced displacement of between 10 and 30 million inhabitants. On a planetary scale, we are talking about the largest mass migration in history. We are sitting on a huge time bomb. Climate change is the third world war.
    • DIRECTED BY Natxo Leuza
    • PRODUCTION COMPANIES En Buen Sitio Producciones, ECPV
    • PUBLIC GRANTS OBTAINED Generazinema producción 2022, Generazinema desarrollo 2020
    • CONTACT En Buen Sitio Producciones hola@enbuensitio.com; +34 639 52 09 65
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