• LOGLINE Adventures in the Metaverse
    • FORMATO Feature Film
    • GENRE Animation.
    • SYNOPSIS With their group of friends, the siblings Codi and Vera accidentally activate a sophisticated experiment that their father is working on and are sucked into the universe of the DinoGames video game. What starts as a magical experience, exploring the video game and personally getting to know their DinoPets, soon turns into an adventure against time in order to destroy a computer virus that is destroying DinoGames, just like a black hole. To make things even worse, the evil DarkSaurios are planning to conquer the real world. Our heroes will need the help of players from all over the planet to get back home, so that good prevails and DinoGames survives.
    • DIRECTED BY Lorena Ares, Carlos F. de Vigo
    • PRODUCTION COMPANIES Dr. Platypus & Ms.Wombat (New Gravity Laws S.L.), Beside Productions
    • PUBLIC GRANTS OBTAINED Generazinema Desarrollo 2020
    • CONTACT carlosfdevigo@gmail.com
    Seeking FinancingCo-productionPre-sales / distribution