Deductions for investment in certain audiovisual productions has increased to 40% in Navarre

The Regional Law concerning the modification of various taxes and other fiscal measures and approved by the Navarran Parliament, includes an increase in the percentage deductions to be applied to certain cinematographic productions and audiovisual series that will start being applied on January 1st 2021, as well as a procedure for recognising the investment that will be made in Navarre in accordance with its legislation.

In this way, the percentage deduction increases from 35% to 40% as regards the first million of the base amount for deduction, when it concerns productions whose sole original version is in Basque; productions made exclusively by female directors; documentary productions; animated productions and productions directed by anyone who has not directed or co-directed any feature film or fictional audiovisual or animated series or documentary.

This extra incentive for these productions is available to those who are regarded as having more difficulty in obtaining finance.