Significant Navarran presence in the musical production D’ARTACÁN to be premiered next February

After more than two years work since the Apolo Films animation studio set up in Navarra, “D’Artacán y los tres Mosqueperros” will be launched in the near future. This animated feature film is a co-production between Apolo Films and the Indian company Cosmos Maya. It will be distributed by Acontracorriente with the support of RTVE. The film has a Navarran influence as over 50 Navarran professionals have worked on it.
The Navarra Symphony Orchestra, directed by Vanesa Garde, along with the Orfeón Pamplonés and its Choral Society, were in charge of the score for the film, as well as Serafín Zubiri, who sings a duet with Cristina Ramos. For the last four months, the DRV Studio from Navarra has been in charge of the sound production and the final mixing in both Spanish and English, as well as being responsible from creating the whole aural atmosphere and sound