Filmrigging, the latest Clavna partner: the audiovisual industry rigging team whose services guarantee safety

“Imagination is our only limit, safety and standards our priority”. That’s how Filmrigging defines itself, the team of riggers dedicated to the audiovisual industry, especially for film, advertising and TV projects.
It focuses on the design and construction of all kinds of structures for the different departments involved in filming, from the lighting to the art department, as well as the needs of the production team and camera assistants. They also specialise in chroma key rigs, as well as covering streets and squares, etc. They can also build sets, raise and suspend loads over personnel, ensuring strict compliance with industry standards. Personal safety is primordial for Filmrigging.
They also work with a team of architects and engineer to certify and guarantee their rigs as per the clients and standards. They also work with a team specialising in safety at work, something that allows them to draw up specific health and safety plans for audiovisual sector companies, as well as control the health and safety at work plans of production and film sessions.


The two partners, Charly Guerrero and Ferran Parera, share over 40 years experiencer, one as camera assistant and the other other as an electrician. They founded Filmrigging in 2015 to concentrate on safety and professionalise rigging in the audiovisual industry.
Since then they have worked on various national and internation projects, including “Superlópez” (2018) from Zeta Cinema, “Terminator Dark Fate” (2018) from Paramount Pictures, “Killing Eve Season 3” (2019) for HBO and more recently “Uncharted” (2020) for Sony Entertainment. Some of their projects filmed in Navarre include «La Pasajera» (2020), «Dos» (2020), «Espejo, espejo» (2020) and “Perdiendo el este” (2019).
By joining the audiovisual cluster, they show their commitment to a strong high quality audiovisual industry where safety and compliance with standards are a priority and a guarantee of success