Tuesday, December 29th from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. is when the Navarran film maker Marina Lameiro will lead an event during the Santas Pascuas Festival, where she will share the details of the creative process behind the documentary feature film “DARDARA” on the farewell tour of the group Berri Txarrak. To this end the Navarran film maker will combine her comments with

From December 2nd, the Department of Culture – Príncipe de Viana Institution is implementing a social media campaign to encourage people to go to the cinema in Navarre. This is in addition to the national campaign implemented by the Ministry of Culture’s Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute (ICAA) denominated “The cinema is a safe place”, promoted on social networks under the hashtag #yovoyalcine. The

Three films with Navarran influence – “Akelarre” by Pablo Agüero, «El Drogas» by Natxo Leuza and «Uno para todos» by David Ilundain – have been nominated for the 26th José María Forqué Awards, whose ceremony will take place on site in Madrid (IFEMA Palacio Municipal) the coming Saturday, January 16th, taking all necessary measures to combat the current COVID-19 crisis.

Produced by Arena Comunicación and Txalap.art, the documentary is slated for its first showing during the first quarter of 2021, distributed by Atera Films The trailer for the documentary “DARDARA» is now available. This is the second feature film from the Navarran film-maker Marina Lameiro (“Young & Beautiful”, 2018). A preview of the trailer was shown yesterday at the Gaztea Sariak award-giving ceremony, celebrating

Manu Ayerdi, the Minster for Economic and Business Development and President of Sodena, has signed a memorandum of collaboration with the audiovisual fund Wallimage S.A. from the Walloon Region of Belgium aimed at stimulating the audiovisual industry in both regions. In principle, the memorandum will be in force for three years. During this time, Sodena and Wallimage will work together to lay the foundations