The Conference will take place on October 21st -22 nd at the Huarte Contemporary Art Centre/Huarteko Arte Garaikide Zentroa and are aimed at professionals in the sector, students and artists interested in Narrative video games and digital creation, as well as analysing the state of the sector in Navarre and promoting meetings between its professionals and creators.

5 Navarran films produced by navarrans, 2 distributed by Golem and the meetings of clusters and the NAEH Euroregion make up the contribution of Navarre to the 69th Zinemaldi. The 69th San Sebastián Film Festival, which ends on September 25th , includes 7 films with close links to Navarre in different sections and two industry meetings with representatives of the Navarre audiovisual sector

The 9th Navarra, Tierra de Cine Short Film Festival has begun the filming stage after choosing the ten finalists. The ten finalists will shoot their offerings in the locations used for the 9th. Festival: Urdax, Pamplona, Roncal, Lumbier, Estella/Lizarra, Leoz, Viana, Aibar, Cascante and Arróniz, during October and November. November 18th is the deadline for delivering the short films and they will be shown to the public

CaixaBank and CREA SGR have signed off on 100 million Euros of credit designed to support the culture, audiovisual and sports sectors in Spain. They are working together to facilitate access to liquidity by the audiovisual sector and the creative and cultural industries, as well as the sports and entertainment sectors in Spain as a whole.