David and Sara wake up naked and joined at the abdomen. They don’t know each other and find themselves in a mysterious place. They don’t remember how they got there or what they were doing beforehand. An extreme situation that makes even the most normal tasks difficult and forces them to trust each other and share there most intimate secrets.

The decision dated July 20th of the Cultural Director General of the Príncipe de Viana Institution, has coma to a decision on the “Generazinema Desarrollo 2021” call. The amount was 250,000 Euros divided into two modes: Mode A: Financial support for the development of fictional or documentary films Mode B: Financial support for the development of animation projects Mode A: Financial support for the development of fictional

Rosa García, President of the Navarra Audiovisual Cluster and Giuliano Rosi, the Managing Director of Bodega Otazu, Giuliano Rosi met on June 18th to sign the collaboration agreement between the Winery and CLAVNA that, with over 40 partners formalises the nomination of the first “Honorary Partner”, with the joint aim of establishing links between the audiovisual industry, the Señorío de Otazu facilities, its

ZINETIKA Festival participará en la primera edición de los premios "K", iniciativa impulsada por Kresala zinekluba y que surge fruto de la colaboración con los cineclubs Zinetogram de Azkoitia, Goieniz de  Beasain y Butak21 de Urretxu-Zumarraga; y varios festivales de cine que se celebran en Guipuzcoa:  Animadeba, Festival de Cine en Lengua de  Signos, Donosskino y Amua, además de ZINETIKA. En cada uno de estos  festivales, que se celebran