Navarra Film Industry (NFI) is a platform for raising awareness of audiovisual activity in Navarra. Promoted by Clavna (Navarran Audiovisual Cluster), its mission is to seek support for the professionalisation of the sector and develop the industrial fabric of Navarra. To this end, it promotes the different training resources available in the region and raises awareness of the audiovisual production work carried out in Navarra, as well as the activity of professionals and businesses in the Autonomous Region.


The website is the primary tool of Navarra Film Industry, presenting itself as the point of reference for communicating the audiovisual work carried out in Navarra, facilitating access to locations, film permits, tax incentives, training and grants.


NFI Navarra Film Industry enjoys the support of Napar (association of businesses and professionals in Navarra), the Navarra Film Commission and the Ministry of Culture-Institución Príncipe de Viana of the Navarran Government.